Chess is a native Washingtonian raised in both S.E. D.C. and Crowne Heights Brooklyn New York, educated at the University of the District of Columbia playing college football three years. Chess has been involved with the arts his entire life, for him the natural want to create was both duty and desire.

His lifetime commitments included founding and producing DLP music works pouring personal resources into local D.C. artists for years.

The list of music collaborators is extensive and includes;  Super Producers Chucky Thompson, Michael 40 Dog Robinson, and Maurice Mo Digga Randolph. Go-Go legends, Michael Neal, Darin X and Rob F. Rappers Nonchalant, Supreme Corleone, Earthquake, and T Burns.

Chess accepted an arts scholarship to study acting at the prestigious Conservatory Circle in the Square on Broadway in N.Y. City. He completed his course of study with honors and worked the Broadway circuit and the N.Y. performance Poetry scene simultaneously.

His list of acting credits include, Principle Actor, Lopatkin  in Anton Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” Circle in the Square Theater, Broadway, N.Y. * Principle Actor, Othello in Shakespeare’s “Othello” Circle in the Square Theater, Broadway, N.Y. * Principle Actor, Nate in MacKay’s Requiem for brother X UDC Theater, Washington, D.C. * Principle Actor, Tom in Tennessee Williams’s “The Glass Menagerie” Source Theater, Washington D.C. * Hotspur in Shakespeare’s Henry the IV, Circle in the Square Theater, Broadway N.Y. * Principle Actor, Elroy in Sandra Hochman’s “Elvis” ATA Off Broadway, N.Y. * All Roles in Richard Wesley’s “The Past is The Past”, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, N.Y. * Turnbo in August Wilson’s “Jitney” Circle in the Square Theater, Broadway, N.Y.

Chess departed his breath as a working actor abruptly to breathe life into his family; caring, providing, and protecting following the model demonstrated by his parents. Chess currently works as a broadcast professional aligned with three of the major news television studios in D.C., focusing on political content.

His passions to express truth in art and serve his respective community was reignited to full flame as a result of the Trevon Martin verdict. He recalls speaking to his son, who met him by the door as he returned from work the day the verdict was announced, confused, saddened and frustrated. His response as a Father, was to channel his sons’ energy giving him historical context and love for his forbearers, while lighting a path thru thought word and deed.

Chess is a modern day renaissance man who truly believes it’s the message not the messenger what’s channeled not the channelor, what’s vesselled not the vesselor.

Introducing D.C.’s and Brooklyn’s own Chess