It is with love devotion and a profound commitment that I offer my service through the messages and music. The process for creating this music insists that I am still, observant and reflective. Many of the records were gifted in the middle of the night often waking me, and compelling my spirit to capture and remember. It has always worked this way for me, my family has asked me through the years to write commercial friendly/mass appeal records. “In other words go make some money.” My response has always been, “I give what I’m given.”

~The desire to research true historical reference began with my father, his chess board and his book shelf.



The passion to reveal discoveries with hope that the information contributes to positive change is my driving force, my way to find purpose while in the midst of chaos. I am aware that love and devotion insists that we honor the forbearers shoulders on which we stand, observing our genesis, culture, and breath of existence. I work to learn the truth of our traditional values as a people of African descent, our collective communal spirits that proved Seminal for humanity, for civilization. Among my desires is that we observe John Henrik Clark’s wisdom to stop balancing oppressors and oppressive behavior on our backs. In his words “the best way to get someone off your back is to stand straight up.” To be clear to people of all races and creeds, I am more concerned with inspiring and educating my people, than finding divisive sentiment between white and black people. To be clear I believe the urgent issues of today involve haves -versus- have nots more than white -versus- black.

I am careful to consider tactics and strategies that create conflict and dissension as a means to distract all humanity from the real atrocities and injustices that 1% of all people create. It is my belief that building solidarity and polarizing over 45 million African-Americans to spend our money wisely and defy the 1% will lead the have-nots of all races, cultures, and creeds to a place of harmony, to a place of love. I believe for this to happen we have to love ourselves in a way that insists we don’t look for leadership in others, but that we recognize each of us is a leader by our thoughts, words, and deeds. I want you to know~ it’s the message not the messenger what’s channeled not the channeler,  I’m just one in service to you.

with Love Big Chess

PS “I got your back”