I remember producing and performing in a theatrical tribute show for Amadu Diallo 1999, right after he was slain at The Paul Robeson Theater in Brooklyn New York, my outrage continues, and from that time to this I have made it my business to stay informed with regard to Unarmed African American Men being killed by Police.
“Why Can’t You Let Me Breathe” works to serve and give loving memory to all African American Men slain by Police.
We will remember-

“Let Me Breathe” Lyrics

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Developing news tonight we just got the autopsy results from the shooting death of Tamir Rice. The 12 year old shot and killed by Cleveland police. While carrying a toy pellet gun. The 911 caller who reported Tamir warned police that the gun was probably not real. But despite the warnings Tamir was shot in less than two seconds after the police arrived. The autopsy report shows Tamir died from a single gunshot wound to the torso. The manner of death ruled a homicide. The same manner of death marked on Eric Garners autopsy report after he was killed from a police officer is chokehold in July. Homicide,
The same manner of death marked on Michael Brown’s autopsy after he was shot dead by Officer Darren Wilson in August. Homicide, Homicide for John Crawford shot and killed by police in an Ohio Walmart while carrying a toy gun.
Homicide for Kindrick Mcdade the 19-year-old college student shot by police.
Homicide for Timothy Russell the African-American killed after Cleveland police fired 137 rounds into his car.
Homicide for Amadu Diallo the West African immigrant with no criminal record who was shot 41 times by New York police officers while standing in front of his home holding a wallet.
Homicide for Timothy Stansberry Junior the 19-year-old shot and killed by New York City police in a Brooklyn stairwell Timothy was unarmed with no criminal record.
Homicide for Sean Bell the unarmed 23-year-old shot and killed the morning of his wedding day, after police fired 50 bullets at the car he was riding in, Sean was un armed and not guilty.
Homicide for Aaron Campbell, the unarmed 25-year-old shot by Portland police officer while walking backwards toward the officer with his hands iner-locked behind his head.
Homicide for Walter Scott, the unarmed 50-year-old fatally shot by South Carolina Police Officer Michael Slager, Officer Slager shot Walter Scott in the back in cold blood.
Homicide for Freddy Grey the 25-year-old African-American arrested by Baltimore police, who then sustained injuries to his spinal cord while in police custody, which caused him to go into a coma and die. Thank God for Baltimore serving as humanities crucible for revolution, for change.

Why can’t you let me breathe. I will fight for my right to be. Why can’t you let me breathe. I am human just let me be. Why can’t you let me breathe. You’ve already stolen so much.
You’ve stolen my legacy and lied to my family.
Your lies and deceit have altered the course of we.
All for humanity and all against your greed.
The 1% elite despotic indeed.
Soon you’ll let me breathe. Soon you’ll let me breathe. Get off of me. With loves purity. With love integrity. With complete Honesty. Soon you’ll let me breathe. You will let me be.
We going to look and when we see no be no more hiding.
Your lies and deceit altered the course of we.
The 1% elite despotic indeed.
When we look and then we’ll see they’ll be no more suffering.
We going to look and when we see they’ll be no more hiding.
Until there is honesty they’ll be no more balancing.