Chess has been considering the Big Brother text since reading Orwell many years ago.
Privacy is an important issue to me and the thought of designed abuse and invasion  by our government is unacceptable.
The FISA court was created and laws were written to protect government, but where is protection for the average citizen.
Mya Angelo writes “when you know better you do better”
Chess hopes the Big Brother record informs, and inspires people to action.

Once upon a time not long ago
Orwell wrote this book that made heads blow.
When laws were stern no justice stood with people on unaware of the common good.
There lived this mass of folks who were misled by this real big boy and this is what he said.
The sky is falling the towers crashed it’s time we enacted this patriot act.
His novel portrayed a brother that made people’s private lives and open page, trying to learn your creeds, your thoughts words and deeds.
How you plant your seeds, when you’re smoking your weed.
Sifting for patterns predicting your actions so brother can change events that happen.
Your brother collects Internet info from the companies that we all know.
Google Apple Microsoft and Facebo, Search the engine and look up Edward Snowden, NSA minion who’s whistle blows but the media asks is he friend or foe?
-for revealing acts that are criminal, here’s the rub, brother asserts that it’s their goal to reveal the acts of criminals.-
Hypocrisy Ambiguity it’s brothers flow, play ya, plot, strategize he well knows but democracy is only beautiful when orated in rhetorical’s.
Do as I say not as I do is it rule of law or law of rule, check the fourth amendment of your constitute and while you’re at it
Deactivate your Bluetooth for Big Brother.

“We got to find a way to find a way”
“Get yourself to better place”
“Be aware of your day to day”
“Tell Big Brother to get away”

Brothers moon rides high in the night sky of the new republic shining like I’m on top of this.
Lights Camera action you’re starring while Brother was rolling and recording, people was Fightin Complaining and Sexting Prism was Casting, Classifying and Capturing.
Meta-data was piled up nice while Brother introduces new device,
On the corner got your smart street lights, in the car we got your video flights, camera has you in the line of sight, brothers actions are not forthright.
Scanning days of footage instantly, visually, intelligently.
36 million faces every second now tell me Breadren do you feel threatened.
Soon to come your ID brand identifies tracks and measures for the man.
Orion’s bands of peace will come again it’s cyclical future now and then.
Praise the Present  NOW we are free, Praise the Present we are defined by our deeds.
But beloveds too many we are sheep, a race of people so fast asleep.
Pacified with instant gratifyers , mass media has made us mindless, apathetic without concern for the evil that turns and burns.
Good folks it’s your money you earned but Beloveds  your Black Gold learned to consume buy back and come again.
We are our own catalyst for change.
Our catalyst for change is in our wallets NOW do we really want water from our faucets and clean air for your children to Breathe and why is Monsanto fucking with the seeds.
Evolution with you my friend, liberate we can begin.
Look up not down with Orion’s clan, Orwell Chemtrails are back again.
It’s the Circle in the Square smoke rings, hear Wall Street’s bells elitists sing 1% are two big too fail, thin the heard is big boys yell.
The FISA court will devour the frail, I tried to told you you’ve got mail, the arc is cyclical not doomed to fail.
No more water James Baldwin’s solar flares,
Check your inbox subject line we can win this you and I.
The from line reads sincerely I and I your man Chess straight from Cannae.