About Chess

About Chess

Chess is a native Washingtonian raised in both S.E. D.C. and Crowne Heights Brooklyn New York, educated at the University of the District of Columbia playing college football three years. Chess has been involved with the arts his entire life, for him the natural want to create was both duty and desire.

His lifetime commitments included founding and producing DLP music works pouring personal resources into local D.C. artists for years.

The list of music collaborators is extensive and includes;  Super Producers Chucky Thompson, Michael 40 Dog Robinson, and Maurice Mo Digga Randolph. Go-Go legends, Michael Neal, Darin X and Rob F. Rappers Nonchalant, Supreme Corleone, Earthquake, and T Burns.

Chess accepted an arts scholarship to study acting at the prestigious Conservatory Circle in the Square on Broadway in N.Y. City. He completed his course of study with honors and worked the Broadway circuit and the N.Y. performance Poetry scene simultaneously.

His list of acting credits include, Principle Actor, Lopatkin  in Anton Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” Circle in the Square Theater, Broadway, N.Y. * Principle Actor, Othello in Shakespeare’s “Othello” Circle in the Square Theater, Broadway, N.Y. * Principle Actor, Nate in MacKay’s Requiem for brother X UDC Theater, Washington, D.C. * Principle Actor, Tom in Tennessee Williams’s “The Glass Menagerie” Source Theater, Washington D.C. * Hotspur in Shakespeare’s Henry the IV, Circle in the Square Theater, Broadway N.Y. * Principle Actor, Elroy in Sandra Hochman’s “Elvis” ATA Off Broadway, N.Y. * All Roles in Richard Wesley’s “The Past is The Past”, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, N.Y. * Turnbo in August Wilson’s “Jitney” Circle in the Square Theater, Broadway, N.Y.

Chess departed his breath as a working actor abruptly to breathe life into his family; caring, providing, and protecting following the model demonstrated by his parents. Chess currently works as a broadcast professional aligned with three of the major news television studios in D.C., focusing on political content.

His passions to express truth in art and serve his respective community was reignited to full flame as a result of the Trevon Martin verdict. He recalls speaking to his son, who met him by the door as he returned from work the day the verdict was announced, confused, saddened and frustrated. His response as a Father, was to channel his sons’ energy giving him historical context and love for his forbearers, while lighting a path thru thought word and deed.

Chess is a modern day renaissance man who truly believes it’s the message not the messenger what’s channeled not the channelor, what’s vesselled not the vesselor.

Introducing D.C.’s and Brooklyn’s own Chess

Fight Lyrics

Fight Lyrics

Chess was gifted with the lyrics to fight as the Revolutionary Spirit in Baltimore was at a high pitch.
“I was recovering from major surgery and unable to move, the information and images coming out of Baltimore disturbed me”
The song is both personal journey and inditement on institutional ulterior motives and hidden agendas.


Fight works to serve in capturing the righteous indignation of people in response to the State of Law Enforcement as it relates to people of color, and in Chess artistic fashion it offers a solution to solving the issues.
“Fight For Your Rights”
                                   Big Chess
Fight Lyrics
Labled as radical 13 year sabbatical
Reborn NOW I’m seeing life mathematical
Combat able some say I’m fanatical but numbers don’t lie what I apply is factual actual every move is tactical Mc’s to me are quite Laughable the blows from my flows are aimed to crush clavicles
Hip Hop is starving and I’m lyrically plate-able. They say dumb it down cause ignorance is fashionable. I say smart it up peep the game it’s graphical, full of formulaic minstrels for profit who don’t give a dam what they’re selling you, collateral damage of Sun kissed people, quick acceptance of Sambo’s equal. Puppeteers crafting lies to kill real progression thru lessons delivered with cadence real. I’m on Toussaint’s code till oppressors feel methodology come full circle. Fight or Flight we’ll see who’ll turn tail.
It’s your man Chess blessed with survival skills.
I’m the flash at the end of the the muzzle, weight of the world on your shoulders with the force to crush you.
I’m the hunger of the eagle in flight and in my sights are week MC’s that disease the mic.
I’m the block where you learned your hustle
earned your muscle real OG’s recognize the struggle
I’m the keys to the shackles that bind, voice in the back of your mind boy tighten your grind
I be the next ALI, I float like Cassius talk cash shit and sting like the
I’m the next best thing the best next thing see.
The that claim king are just jesting, and they are stealing our legacy.
I’m hear claiming true anointing transcending religions of unseen Ptolemy and lies of Nicaea, Vibrating with folks in Harmony, shoulder to shoulder songs we sing, in the same key it’s truth that we bring.
 Were here and we ain’t leaving.
I discern disrespect  to my essence and
I know that you resent my presence.
I’m the spook by the door peeping prejudice weapons
I’m with you when you denied the rope.
Police stare at me through the scope.
I know my right cop toe to toe
Produce the warrant or good to go
Get mad with your ulterior motives
Bolden blows expose Gheppetto’s
Your lies curse you by growing your your noise
Sinai Bushes be trafficking coke
5 years 5 grams got us up in the poke
PyOp techs don’t scratch with me
I move millions and we’re all angry
I move with millions and we’re all about DEED
You fucked up when you attacked my seeds.
Diabetes ridilum feeds GMO spreads poisoning sheep, and what about the air that we breathe Chem- trails fall down where the bees
So I say where all can see fuck your monopoly.
Ain’t you tired of being lied to. Ain’t you tired of being be discriminated against, ain’t you tired of institutionalized racism white privilege and elite ism  Ain’t  you tired of federal control and the corrupt Po-Po.
I’m tired. I’m trying to told, if we don’t get bold the young will get old and we will be bought and sold our solution rests in how we mind our gold how we spend with those that look like us, how we spend our money.
Chocolate City Lyrics

Chocolate City Lyrics

Hey hey CC it’s your man Chess born and bread on the southeast side where I laid my head.
Hey Hey D.C. take a few Holla reminisce with me.
Remember when our diamond shine so brightly.
Remember when Curtis brothers left the big chair on MLK.
Remember the Mayors summer youth program had a job for everybody.
When Bob’s frozen custard had Sweet Sundays and every Friday we took a trip to Horace and Dickies.
When a walk down U Street was an all night party.
When walking through Berry Farms and Valley Green meant you had to know somebody.
Funk at Malcolm X park with the captains hat moving his hand like the go go conductor.
The Wonder Bread plant on Georgia Avenue with the bread for on your Smuckers.
When travel agents sold tickets to the Love Boat to see Captain Stoobing.
When Rare Essence was called the Young Dynamos and Footz and Little Benny was doing it.
When everybody wanted to ball like Lynn Bias or fight like Sugar Ray.
When Haines point was the place to go play.
When 14th St. was a right of passage for a young man and anything you caught you could get a cure for it.
When Doug Williams threw the ball to the posse and they scored so true to it.
When the blue walls and floors of the Colosseum sweated for real.
When the good back to school jam at the Capital Center made time stand still.
Uhh Mann….

-We need to lead touch and agree on how we spend our money-

Hey Hey DC.
Remember when our diamond shine so brightly?
Now we have generations replaced by gentrification.
Big box, Dog parks, and Coffee shops.
D.C. ain’t you tired of being herded like sheep.
Look people,  We are The Institutional Knowledge of The United States government city.
The tip of the spear and the nation don’t move if we do not appear.
Hey Hey D.C. Chocolate City Home town beloveds.
Let me Holla at ya, we got a bit of ground to cover.
CC we got some real urgent needs and the Spirit of God be a ASSURED rests in thee.
Remember our good ship Jesus journey?
Sailing through the Trans-Atlantic to 250 years of slavery.
The Blood Stained Fields of the Golden age of commerces history.
To the Crab Barrel mentality of Lynches Legacy.
40 Acres and a Mule Reparations Mystery, to 90 years of Jim Crow Sr. Replaced by Jim Crow Jr. something like W to the village idiots lunacy, 60 years of separate but equal.
Remember 3/5 of all other people.
Remember the G.I. Bill the systematic subjugation through real estate, sets get real creative when they work to hate,
35 years of racists housing  policies red lining black neighborhoods denying FHA backed mortgages for you and me.
To affirmative action leaving black men asking what happened?
To Nixon Reagan Bush and Clinton’s War on Drugs, five years for five grams fueled the Mass Incarceration and Criminalization of our Black Children’s Generation.
From the Fields to the Cells as the Prison Industry trades on Wall Street ringing it’s Collateral bells.
Hey Hey Chocolate City did you know you were owned by the bank, check the numbers on your social security card call the Federal Reserve and question everything.
And still we don’t grow the poppy here, but our government controls the fields where the poppy is harvested.
Afghanistan invaded Plummly flies it in and dumps it on us and we sell it to all our friends in the US we trust.
( something like the Murder Cap Stats of the CIA and Contras supply of Rayful Edmonds Crack when everybody had to have Supertims, AJ’s and a Madness hat )


Hey Hey D.C. Marijuana is legal now, Colorado just took in 185 million off the tax.
White men profit while brothers that sold it on the streets can’t get their lives back.
Hey Hey D.C. What I’m sharing is not just my Opinion, it’s all the Facts.
I’m just lifting the vail so we can get our train back on track.
NOW D.C. we’re being hunted in the streets by the government’s police.
The Fatalities so many I can’t keep up with all the unarmed brothers left to die.
Our food is tainted with GMO spray and the planes fly over us with Chem-trails by night and by day.
Check the atrazine that they lay chemically castrating our beloved’s families.
And I don’t trust the vaccines they haven’t given me any reason to, historically laced with mercury and thimerosal from them to you.
Hey Hey CC if we don’t wake up lead, touch and agree on how we spend our money, the fields to the cells will be replicated with the Geld to the Mark of the Beast.
It’s about that action boss it’s about that deed.
We over 45 million strong can write our destiny when our collective conscious agrees on how we spend financially.
NOW D.C. That’s love inside out.
I’m not on Conspiracy, I’m on History.
“I GOT YOUR BACK” till we pop the trunk and what’s inside gets it out, and the beat goes on and all that FoSho.
I’m tell you what I’m going to do.
I’m going to find out we’re Go-Go Mickey is smacking tonight cause the ring of that thing makes me feel like I can WIN AGAIN.


Big Chess